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    Following on boadle’s shameless self promotion, I’m going to shamelessly plug our soon to be released game on the PSP, Smart Bomb.


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    Did Core draw upon any specific gaming inspiration(s) when crafting Smart Bomb?

    Many of the games in Smart Bomb contain elements that gamers will be familiar with from playing parts of games like Tomb Raider, or older 2D platform puzzlers. We also loved Warioware for its quick-fire gameplay.

    That last sentence just means that you like Warioware, there is no mention that there are any elements of Warioware in Smart Bomb…

    /Sorry…I’ll go back to my bitterness world…

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    Interesting……one question:
    Will it be utilising the great PSP feature that is, the dodgy button?

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    Have to say I’ve never noticed the “dodgy button feature”.

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    Sounds promising.

    Not sure if you can say or not, but are you working on this project, Damian?

    Also noticed the Core site is back up! :)

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