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      I only new to this site but thought some of you may find this interesting

      After the success of the DreamON Contest, the GOAT Store, LLC has announced a new Dreamcast homebrew contest entitlled the Games Of All Types (GOAT) Contest.

      People submitting games will be asked to make a short arcade-type game. These games must not be direct ports of existing games, and must not include any copyright material. All gameplay must be altered from the original releases.

      The final disc will include an intro screen and menu featuring a high scores table for all of the games programmed by Dan Potter of Cryptic Allusion, LLC. Many different games will be included on the final disk.

      The winning entries may either win .00 and two copies of the finished compilition disk if they do not release the game as freeware, or .00 and one copy of the finished compilition disk if they do. Homebrew projects that have already been made and released are eligible to be included, but may have to be modified slightly to utilize the high score feature. Developers may enter more than one game.

      The contest entries will be judged by Dan Loosen and Gary Heil of GOAT Store Publishing. The final number of games on the compilition disk will be determined based on the number of differing entries we have received.

      The contest will run until August 31st, or until 20 winning games have been submitted, whichever comes first.

      To limit multiple entries of the same type of game and to greatly enhance your chance of winning, we suggest that you declare what type of game you are working on. We will post it on the official contest page, which will be constructed soon, so that others do not do the same concept. By doing so, we should be able to maximize the number of winning entries.

      Examples of game styles that could be used:

      Time Pilot
      Robotron 2084
      Moon Patrol
      Donkey Kong
      Blue Print
      Crush Roller
      Burger Time
      Space Invaders
      Lady Bug

      A page detailing the contest will be constructed soon![/quote:f1819908bd]

      Coding for the DC is not as hard as u might think, and thanks to KOS you don’t need a License from sega to release the game (for free or profit). one game has comericaly release a year ago calledFeet of Fury.

      well i thought anyone who does a bit of homebrew coding might be interested. btw if you have some projects done with SDL its quite easy to port it the the Dreamcast.

      edit: btw if you interested, i can get you more info on DC programing etc

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