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      Well, started a topic that eventually threatened to turn into a discussion on software process, so decided to start a new thread.

      I know that theres a lot of software development methodology out there. I also know that various methods contradict each other, and that there are tensions between different styles of getting things done.
      For example, theres some tension between heavyweight UML style approaches, produce loads of documentation and design, and maybe never produce the software, versus XP style lightweight and quick and software centered, but maybe produces undocumented unmaintainable software, etc etc…

      Now, persumably, and from experience, a lot of methods used have to be changed and adapted to apply successfully to games.

      Just out of interest, then, and hoping I might learn from others more experienced, what methods do people here apply to the game software design process?

      Omen, for example, has indicated he finds UML doesnt work? (unless ive misinterpted). I would be inclined to agree with this, and think its too heavyweight and too much overhead for a software system that changes as rapidly as a game.

      What would others opinion on this be?

      What processes do people use?

      Another thing Ive read a lot is that game development really benefits from a RIAD model, where there is a (buggy, broken, feature bare, whatever) game build built very early on in the development cycle, and that this is critical to get running early in order to test the gameplay concept, and to direct future progress.

      I imagine iterative development, where there is a working build constantly added to is also good?

      Any thoughts on this topic?

      What about the software design process?

      Also, should one build the game design first, and then the technology to create it? (thinking of maybe guys like nintendo here? square enix? would imagine they start with gameplay concept, and then create technology) Or be technology driven, and build cool new technology and then decide what sort of game to build from this? (maybe looking at, well, Id for certain, lionhead, etc)

      Any thoughts?

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      I really don’t know alot about how this is done in full games, perhaps there are others who could advise us what their various companies do.

      I know someone’s who thought of doing a MSc dissertation on soft eng principles in game design, but didn’t do it in the end.

      I’m currently working on a simple 15 week (design and dev) prototype application. Due to the simplicity and last of time, work is basically built as we see fit. Lead programmer builds stuff that can be re-used through-out the application and lets me know so I can implement. Very ‘bed-room’ coding style, but it is a short term prototype where getting working code in place is more important than flexibility and re-usability. Getting the working version and the pay-cheque at the end, and possibly extending the prototype to proper build is the primary concern. I assume the full build would implement a design architecture….should it get that far….


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