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      Promotional video here showcasing platform specific features of the new Star Wars game, the Wii version looks cool


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      Yup, it’s alot of fun. It was also proposed to Lucasarts by a guy nicknamed "Chewie".

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      Jim Ward, at LucasArts Singapore apparently got sacked for the game not shaping up on time.

      Gamasutra has an article all about the "step-down".


      Check out the post at the bottom, from anonymous.

      It is pretty scathing to say the least.

      Attended a lecture a while back where guys from LucasArts hailed the whole "convergence" success. Zeno, Zed and some other component (Zam maybe?) were all on display, and I have to say, it looked and sounded solid.

      I’m a big fan of LucasArts (card-carrying member, you might say) but this kind of chatter is disconcerting. I hope it is all hot-air and exceptions rather than rules.

      And then there is the Krome blogs where they complain about the Wiimote…

      Even still. I can’t wait to see DMM in action.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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