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      Aphra K

      I was just browsing the EI and the city Enterprise Board site to see what new facilities might be available to start-up companies.

      I was then thinking many of you have already been through this process…so have you any tips for newbies to this..

      I think the campus based innovation centres have proved useful for some

      what about feasability study and employment grants..?


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      EI are willing to deal with anybody along as you are ambitious and have a business plan that forecasts employment of about 10 people and revenue of 1.3million within 3 years.

      This can sound like quiet a lot but when you spend some time considering it and realize that 3 years is a long time you may find that it is in your future and it is worth your while speaking to them. (After all there is nothing to loose).

      I have not fully been through the complete process so I am not (really) qualified to comment but I have heard there is an endless stream of documentation and regulations (maybe understandably).

      Also i have heard hot and cold reports about the digital hub but though I have never visited the facility i do like the idea of keeping the community together.

      Anyway thats my 2-bits will say more at the next shindig should i make it!

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      Advice on starting your own biz;

      1 Dont
      2 Do
      3 If it’s the game biz, get industry experience (min 5 years) 1st, then think about setting up your own gig. Alternatively hook up with someone who has experience
      4 Get a sales/biz person involved from the begining – 99.9% of media & games companies fail, because they ony have techies & designers onboard
      5 Keep your costs low – god bless the PC and open source tools to get you started.
      6 Get on a start your biz course , try for a EI research grant or use your college project course to get you started. For the first 2, you need to have 3 and/or 4
      7 Any research funding or feasibility grant will require a biz plan, not a game design doc.
      8 Look an what people are buying, and make a better version. Unfortunately original titles dont sell that well Most gamers buy sports , shooters, driving or platform games. What’s the last truely innovative game you bought?
      9 Use existing tech – concentrate on your designs,levels and characters. Start off on map design, then do a mod, then try using an opensoure engine, then….
      10 Get some non-gamers on the team, for original designs
      11 3rd level qualifications count ! , especially to investor/publishers
      12 ………….ah…….ah……. no, that’s it


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      Starting a business wont affect me for a few years :D

      When game development fails

      Here is the powerpoint presentation of the stuff he learned when his buiness went under:


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      You should just get talking to your head of marketing guy at VisSci….can never remember his name….guy who ran Red Lemon. Was at a lecture of his, telling about the rights and wrongs and how it all fell apart from him…but look at his now!

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      I recommend reading these lessons by industry veteran Tom Sloper. Of course having not owned a company I can’t provide much more than that…


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      Hi Damian,

      Yeh – I wish!

      I would argue that your chosen route in the business is probably the wisest… I must have lost at least 6 years off of my life expectancy by now. :)


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      Hey Mike,

      Hats off to you for giving it your all! You have shown us all that its possible, you are now living your dream, and long may it last!

      From what i have heard, seen and read, it takes everything you have to achieve this ultimate goal and to work in a studio you know you have earned the right to own, let alone work in.

      Through some stories with Shane Whelan, its seems kapooki has had its ups and downs, but that is all part of the package and it couldnt be any other way!

      Fair play Mike, and best wishes to Kapooki’s success.



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