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      I’ve heard that there are several people thinking of travelling to Abertay next year and I thought this may be of use to you.

      You have gain funding to study in Scotland. The EU will fund many courses, but not all. You can get the EU to cover the full cost of the course by filling in forms at:


      This was the case for the MSc course, there are different criteria for the BSc course, but I would presume that there will be funding for that also.

      Points to note:
      – They didn’t have this actualy course on their list of approved courses, but as the course is actually supposed to be a Software Engineering course, I was told to put Software Enginneering on the form to ensure funding.
      – Don’t get greedy. Someone this year applied for extra support and got turned down and had to go back to them. You will not get rental support, so just apply for fees.
      (I think is says somewhere in the pages of documentation that you won’t get anything other than this if you are not a UK citizen)


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      That’s good advice Omen. I have applied to Abertay for the PGDIP\MSc in Games Technology. I was on to the SAAS and they said that only the PGDIP part of the course was funded and that I would have to pay the fees for the MSC portion of the course.

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      Yup, they told us that too, but they gave me a fees that were enough to cover the MSc.

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