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      Hello there,

      I disappeared some months ago… I’m back. Well, I just had my second kid in february and was really really busy :p

      I’m still working on small stuff for GBA and in parallel (I’m mad I don’t have even enough time for GBA alone :D ) have just started playing with Symbian OS 6.0/7.0. All SDKs are free from Nokia, with all the docs which complete it. Anyone here doing this kind of stuff ? Could be interesting to share ideas.

      P.S: aphra I did not miss your post about my consoles. Do you still need some information ?

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      Aphra K

      there is no rush…it was more out of interest and to inform a chapter I am writing…catch up at the next event…maybe the IGDA Ireland on in May..

      congratulations on the birth of your child…


Viewing 1 reply thread
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