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      AUSTIN – A teenage girl who was photographed topless, apparently during Spring Break at South Padre Island, is now a “prize” in a video game that rewards players by revealing images of topless women.

      “The Guy Game,” available for about $40 for the popular Xbox and Playstation game consoles, touts “over 60 smokin’ coeds” in its advertising, which plays to the “Girls Gone Wild” set: “Real video of actual Spring Break Hotties.”

      The problem is, the girl was 17 when she was photographed, which not only raises questions about the legality of the material, but renders moot any consent she may have given, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Travis County District Court.

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      This is a hillarious situation for two reasons:

      (a) The fact that the teen was there at all, Spring break is a college event that is notoriously difficult for underage revellers to actually go anywhere during (I’ve been there, so trust me).

      (b) The fact that Take Two thought it would be a good idea to film anyone without their consent (topless or otherwise) and include in in their game withot paying any kind of fee for the girls’, ahem, service.

      This is going to be an ugly court case.

      Although here’s a choice quote from the girl’s lawyer:

      Plaintiff is still a teenager and wishes to attend college, develop her career and be active in her community and church,” the lawsuit said[/quote:e952977a52]

      There is no indication that the lawyer had a straight face when saying this though.

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