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    I was rooting through some old boxes last night and i found my atari lynx with a few games i had – batman returns, chip’s challenge, s.t.u.n runner, bill and ted’s excellent adventure, scrapyard dog and rampage.

    they are all still very entertaining games – atari were really unlucky with their systems!

    It was a nice break to get away from fast paced world of Madden 06 on the xbox…or maybe i’m getting old and misty eyed nostalgia is grabbing hold…argh!

    The Lynx was the first handheld color console, 16 bit and all, way before the gameboy was ever color…

    anyone know what the hell happened?

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    Colour faded with use (in fact the same reason that iPod video is already getting flak, its the same tech for the screen),

    battery life was poor compared to the gameboy,

    no successful living room console to associate with, not that any were connecting to eachother at that time in any gameplay enhancing ways, but Sega, Nintendo and the NeoGeo could cross advirtise.

    I also seem to remember it being the most expensive of the lot (bar possibly the neogeo pocket)

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    Ahh takes me back!

    Heh yeah I still have mine at the min running sweet, although I had to take it apart to fix the dpad, is the version 2 with road rampage, electrocop and awesome golf, anyone know where to get more games cheap, ebay i spose.

    Expensive yeah, think mine was 89.99 when I got it :shock:

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    Mostly it was because of the battery life, from what I remember of those days.
    The thing is, at the time, colour was getting a big thing, so doing like Nintendo did and release a black and white console was seen as a step backward. But the fact of the matter is that battery technology at the time just couldn’t handle the specs of the Lynx.
    Nintendo had already the experience of their game n watch (IIRC, the one I had was Mario n Luigi trying to make cakes in a factory) systems n they were popular, and unlike nowadays, they decided to ignore the hype and go for the gameplay over the colours.
    And of course, Tetris happened…

    I dunno why, the first time I saw a PSP, I immediately thought of the Lynx. Somehow I think they are also heading in the same direction…

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    I cant really see the PSP going the same way as the Lynx. Its become more of a fashion trend… like the Ipod, realistically Ipods arent the best MP3 players out there yet the image of them seems capable to sell them alone….anyway thats what I think….now off to the pub 8)

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    anyone know what the hell happened?[/quote:ca164283ac]

    It died cause it was shite?

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