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      Fable has gone gold, so ready for release in September (I think that might just be the states but should mean October here).

      Burnout3 is out September 10th.

      Outrun 2 in October.

      November 11th is Halo2 day.

      Pikmin2 I have pre-ordered should be here next week, I’m sure will be in the UK by the end of the year. Maybe. Plus Donkey Kong, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime2 and maybe even Starfox Armada. Hopefully an imported DS.

      Oh and Animal Crossing 3 years late for you lucky PAL folk.

      So yeah, you know that annual summer gaming drought? Doesn’t it really go to the other extreme with the Christmas build up?

      Oh and Half Life 2 maybe should be out, but that is of literally no interest to me :eek:

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      Good news Paddy, I always love the Christmas session build-up.
      Also Fable going gold is good, I’m eager to play it. Hopefully it will live up to expectations, as I hope Halo 2 will also.

      It’s going to be a good ‘fall’ with plenty off new software…..let the games begin.

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