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      I haven’t seen this site before, so dont hit me…


      D’oh! Simpsons Quotes to Become Official Language of Ireland

      The document makes no reference to any special place in the Irish nation for Simpsons Quotes. But de Valera, wielding a copy of the constitution, retorted “Have you ever read this thing? Technically we’re not supposed to go to the bathroom.” Slamming the move, Labour TD Brendan Howlin told the minister “That’s not the constitution. That’s a book of carpet samples.”

      “Mmm, fuzzy”, she replied. Independent TD Jackie Healy Rae, against the motion, said Simpsons Quotes were nothing but a cheap, foreign import and that Irish was our one true language. “Have you ever wondered why fat parents have fat children?
      Or why Chinese parents have Chinese children? It’s no coincidence.” [/quote:f6933c7387]


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