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      Just been to see “The Island.” Now, before we forget, the director, Michael Bay is responsible for some serious trash. I mean REAL Looooooser movies like Pearl Harbour, which as Team America pointed out, was utter crap.

      Long story short, I thought the film was great. Not saying anything else about it, in case people haven’t seen it. But I would strongly recommend it. Its similiar to Minority Report, HEAT (for stuff getting blown up, and loser cops getting greased all over the place), and some Star Wars, Matrix pieces too.

      So, either Michael Bay snapped out of his girly-side, and grew a set, OR the Asst. Director locked him in his trailer, and made the film without him!

      Any thoughts?

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      I really liked it to be honest but it was quite hit and miss with my friends. A few of us went to see it, half loved it but the others hated it…This conversation seems familiar, have we talked about this already?

      As for Bay’s involvement, well there were a few moments during the film were I was commented “Yep, definitly a Michael Bay film” the car chases in particular were he basically just took the one from bad Boys 2 and changed it around slightly. There were also a few times when even though I know its only a film and not real etc.. I just found myself going “Yea right…” the part with the sign falling off the building for instance..

      Overall though it was a good film, enjoyable popcorn fodder…no…we have DEFINITLY talked about this before.. :?

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