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    Dunno if this is old or anything, but this guy is an amazing guitar player…..


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    Seen better live!

    Sorry to be a complete guitar snob, but thats not anything special. I’ll admit I couldn’t do it, but that was just a bog standard recital. Yes he has his moments, sweep arpeggios are not easy, but he only does that once. The rest is just normal playing, albeit very polished. He practiced that piece a lot before making that vid, no one, not even Joe Satriani or Steve Vai could do that without practice!

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    Yea really nice piece alrite, the guy’s technique is really good but theres nothing “incredible” in there. Then again after seeing Vai live its hard to be impressed anymore. :D

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    this is pretty cool… link

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    I wish I could do it 8)

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    Makes me wanna play guitar hero…..

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    I can play the theme to Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 2 and Delta on guitar. :P

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    I can play Stairway to Heaven! :)

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    I can play Stairway to Heaven! :)[/quote:a079f46e63]

    That is just about the most annoying guitar piece to hear anyone play. Every kid tries to play it, drives you mad.

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    Played well Stairway is a fantastic song however once the threshold of the music store is crossed one simple rule applies…

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    My poor little bro was in walton’s and saw the “no stairway sign” on the wall, he thought it was a funny joke…then proceeded to test guitars out with a couple of different songs, after a while he slipped into stairway, and was promptly banned for a week!!

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    Hah, if its there its NEVER a joke. They had a sign in Musician Inc. awhile back saying “No Metallica. No Nirvana. No Van Halen.” and the guy said it was just a joke, never really wanted to test it tbh… :D

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    There should be a sign *everywhere* – No hair-metal-style covers of classical canons, fugues or waltzes.

    Kids today. I dunno…

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    Guitars??? ugh

    Its all about laptops and the wheels of steel, yo!


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    There should be a sign *everywhere* – No hair-metal-style covers of classical canons, fugues or waltzes.

    Kids today. I dunno…[/quote:651dcbd911]
    Not a fan of Malmsteen so? :D

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    There is nothing wrong with playing classical music on any instrument, including the electric guitar (it actually hughly improves your technique). You can’t criticise someone for trying to broaden their musical skill and horizons!!

    This book is a great study too. Probably where the guy learned the canon from:


    Giz – Are you heading to In Flames tomorrow?

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    I am indeedy, nice way to round off a month of gigs to be honest, can’t frickin wait! :D

    Afaik, they’re playing plenty of old stuff (Episode 666, System, Swim etc..) and staying away from STYE which is good BUT they’re still playing My Sweet Shadow so WIN! :D

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    Just downloaded and listened to my first Malmsteen. In answer to your question – no. Not really. Maybe live.

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    Oh well try Baroque and Roll, Rising Force and the classic Far Beyond The Sun for some of the best of him, they’re my faves anyway. Oh and if you don’t really like guitar instrumental albums then just give up now. :D

    And that reminds me, Satriani’s new album is out! *runs*

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    Ah Steinberger, they’ve always half amazed me and half frightened me. They just look so odd. The new Synapse TranScale guitar is getting really good reviews so hopefully I’ll be able to give it a try some day in town.

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    I’ve seen Therapy? play one of them live.

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    Yeah it was great. Got up to three rows from the front. Suprised I lasted as I had a really bad dose of some illness! But managed.

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    Crap forgot to reply this morning.

    PM p! :D

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