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    hmmm…..I am always wary of these gimmicky things. Do they ever actually work ok?
    I mean if I’m playing a FPS, the last thing I want to do is be turning my head this way and that……….same for any other game for that matter, because monitors are small enough you need to be looking straight at it to know whats going on….

    By the way, the link isn’t working correctly….

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    This seems to have been out for a long time, in that there are a load of videos of it being used in various titles.

    Link: http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/products/overview.html

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    On a side note, Jesus Lewis your going on a bit of a spending spree these days…..new IPods, new motherboards and processors, new gadgets…..u win the lotto?

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    I’m Scum* with a credit card.

    *Self-Centred Urban Male.


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