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    been a while since i did any 2d stuff especially with dx9, mostly did it with 7\8.

    Can any of ye tell me for the colorkey to work in loading a bitmap to a IDirect3DSurface9 surface does alpha blending need to be switched on in the renderstate of the direct3d device? coz i banged together a bit of code the other night, but seems that all my bitmaps have a black box around them, even though i set a colorkey (transparency on pink), backgrounds of the bitmaps are pink because its a colour which is used no where else in the game. but still get a black box around the bitmap.. really screwing up the effect of my aliens and ray gun particles.. :)

    Anyway if anyone can shed a light twould be nice.

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    Is colour keying supported with IDirect3DSurface9? Last time I did anything in 2D I used Direct Draw 7 surfaces. And didn’t need to do anything aside from setting the color key per surface…

    My understanding is that after 7 the directx dev group stopped supporting a proper 2D pipeline, and expected you to switch over to using alpha channels and all that to suit the hardware they now assumed everyone would have, infuriating quite a few developers in the casual market. (There’s something of a rant about it in Game Coding Complete)

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    cheers ill check that up. i do know though that colokeys are supported in directx8. ill have to check 9 so.

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