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      Just realised that there was no topic posted here about Twitter?!?! Even Jonathan Ross has talked about it loads!

      So who uses it? Who do you follow??

      I use it to follow mainly either games industry folk or Irish people (keeps me in the loop back home).

      Some ones:

      and of course me:

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      I’m in the "Ambivalent Networkers" group, and refuse to twitter.


      the "Ambivalent Networkers" group. Said clump is comprised mostly of males in their late 20s, which are stereotypically connected to their handsets at all times with a smile to go with it. According to the research, however, the majority of this group agreed that "taking a break is definitely a good idea," which was around ten percentage points above the average in the other four groups.

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      meh i just think its boring really

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      I use it, tho just to follow comics and ppl, some good things to follow tho krudd. I am just starting with it atm, seems kind of interesting….. for now, not ever really got into networkers like facebook, tho I use that too, occassionally

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      Same here, I like to scour the the web manually for information. I don’t really want to know about other peoples inane live details, so I don’t use FB or anything like that. I don’t mind them and appreciate they full a need to keep in contact with friends and stuff like that.

      I’m more a forum kind of guy.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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