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      For those interested in current generation indie development should be aware that epic have made their own engine even cheaper to licence by increasing the royalty fee from 5k to 50k!!! (dollars)

      For those who don’t know what UDK is, it’s the same toolset used to make massive blockbuster games such as unreal tournament 3, mass effect and gears of war…

      Recently they have released a fully functional mobile version for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad and have a beautiful visual looking game called infinity blade on the app store..

      This increase in the royalty fee makes it even easier for indie developers to begin projects using cutting edge next gen game engines!!


      Don’t forget that udk is free to download for non commercial purposes and it’s great for game projects!! I’ve been working with it and the original UT3 engine for 3 years now and it’s brilliant!!

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