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      "CBS, PepsiCo and Entertainment Weekly plan to include a color video ad in the September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly sent to Los Angeles- and New York-area subscribers. A paper-thin interactive video player that will start to load a video when a reader open the magazine to the ad pages."


      Is the day coming when we’ll see games embedded on page 3 of the Sun? :o

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      Its going to make my daily train trip a bit more exciting. I take a 17 inch laptop to work each day. Its great for dev work but a bit too easy to shoulder surf.

      5 to 10 newspapers are closing each week in the US. The newspaper industry urgently requires innovative, cost effective and revenue generating technology. Electric paper is a possibility but if you take a look at ebook reader offering – publishers have been slow to adopt appropriate electronic book price points.

      Mainstream newspapers could kickstart electric paper and be a shot in the arm to book publishers.
      For us it could be a new casual game platform – MMO Crossword anyone?

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      Had a look at that stuff on YouTube, "Americhips" and so forth. Not really too blown away by it to be honest. I think the media is still thinking to traditionally.

      I mean kindle is out there, and doin so-so, and Sony have announced an eBook reader also (complete with Wifi builtin), so really people are already walking around with the hardware for what is essentially a digital book.

      Even further, between PSPs, DS’s, iPhones, and google phone, pretty much every portable device out there support a PDF format is similar in one way or another.

      And last time I checked the PDF format supports key framed animation and possibly video.

      So, and maybe I’m just plain crazy here, but instead of trying to install 4" flatscreens into a traditional magazine, how about (and this is where I get crazy) just offer PDF subscriptions? Or even have it location-based? E.g. go into starbucks and be able to browse their "electronic book" library while in-store on your PDF-compatible device of choice?

      But hey, maybe thats just way to simple.


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      I agree on the subscriptions – but – publishers are falling foul of the same thinking that got the music industry into trouble. Charging the same price point for electronic or hardback books (unless you choose a classic)

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