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    Just a few questions..

    Who can join IGDA?

    I’m a student at the mo, can I join the Irish Chapter?

    If so, what does being a member entail?

    Thanx :D

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    Anyone at all can join the igda.

    You’re a student? Great, then you can get a students dicount.

    A full list of benefits and all the information you need can be found here.

    I can’t actually see where it mentions a free subscription to Game Developers magazine, but you will get it. :)

    Welcome to the forums btw!

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    Wow, student membership is only 35euro per year! Thats pretty cool.

    I’m in the process of signing up :D

    Cheers Ronny!

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    No problem Jono.

    If you need to know anything else about the igda feel free to ask me. Or if I can’t answer it I’m sure someone else here will be able to.

    Best of luck.

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    while I want to encourage as many people as possible to join the IGDA, please note that you don’t have to be a member to come along to any of the chapter events

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    Speaking of the next event, what’s on the cards for the summer Tony?

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    The next event is May 5th and features 2 speakers from Sony Europe speaking on the forthcoming handheld platform, the PSP

    After that, things are looking a bit vague just now – but hopefully after tonight’s committee meeting, we’ll have a better idea.

    It looks like the next event will be in June in Derry, and will feature a weekend workshop. After that, we hope to do something again in Dublin in August.

    Then keeping with in line with our goal of an event every 2 months, further events will happen in September and November – with one of those also taking place outside Dublin

    I’ll post again in a few days when things are hopefully a little clearer

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    I should be able to get over for the August one.

    Hold on a sec – events outside of Dublin???? Why would you want to do a mad thing like that :D

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    Aphra K

    cheap pints and surfing, for some..


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    Hi guys I think i’ll be joining, but I’m going to wait until I am back in Dublin this september before doing so, any big events planned for the winter months????

    ps. \I’m generally new to this Irish Game Developers community, but I hope to get heavily involved. I think it’s high time that a good healthy Dev-Co scene sprung up in ireland.

    Anyone know how Kabooki are doing???
    hope they are well

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    Aphra K

    There are plans for a rather large ‘Awakening’ event to be held in Derry on the 15th of Oct…

    smaller events and shindigs will probably be arranged before that…


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    Sounds good. cheers Aphra.

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    the upcoming avent it dublin!!! would i be able to attend even though im only new?

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    Aphra K

    everyone is invited to gd.ie events and IGDA Ireland events.

    You are encouraged to take out membership of the IGDA if you are working in the industry or a student wanting to get into it.

    so far most events have been free thanks to sponsorship.


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    Only e35? Hrm, thought it was more but not complaining! Definitly gona join when I get some money and get away from college for awhile. :D

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    Hey. I was wondering is it worth a 17 year old student joining who will be looking for a job later next year (hopefuly at Dark water). Is it a good place to make contacts and learn more about the industry etc.


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