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      Why you’re a pawn in Facebook vs. Google

      wow power leveling
      data just as easily.

      Google didn’t even really try to hide that Facebook was the clear target of this change. In response, Facebook changed the

      way Facebook users could import Gmail contacts data by writing a script that allowed those users to automagically download

      their Gmail contacts as a CSV (comma-separated value) file, and then upload that file into Facebook with the press of another


      Google then expressed its "disappointment," as if Facebook were an old friend who had made poor choices in life. A Facebook

      engineer then slammed Google in the comments thread of a Techcrunch post for its previous willingness to block contact export

      in Orkut (unless you live in Brazil or India you probably never uploaded data to Orkut in the first place, but that’s another

      story) and saying that Facebook has always protected the ability of its users to "own and control" the data stored on the power leveling wow

      And today, Google added the digital equivalent of a cigarette-pack warning to the Gmail export contacts page, asking Gmail

      users "are you super sure you want to import your contact information for your friends into a service that won’t let you get

      it out?"

      Hypocritical mass
      This would all be merely amusing if not for the blatant hypocrisy of both companies when it comes to data issues.

      Facebook’s argument has been that because the essence of its service is a network of connections to friends and other

      contacts, each account is effectively an individual node controlled by the person who operates it. To put this a different

      way, you do not have power over your friends list: If someone "de-friends" you from his or her Facebook contacts list, for

      example, you no longer have access to the contents of that person’s profile that are not otherwise public, and he or she is

      sliced out of your "social graph."

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