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      William Latham, the former CEO of Computer Artworks, announced that he has founded Games Audit Ltd. Games Audit is a consultancy that provides project management services for the games industry.

      Games Audit also offers to provide due diligence and technical reporting services to help companies prepare for financial audits. In essence, Latham is offering to help companies do the work necessary to get a game company in order to pursue external investments.

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      Aphra K


      where are these guys located?


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      Not sure, London?

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      Jamie Mc

      Here’s the release in full:


      25 June 2004

      “Games Audit Ltd is a bridge between the worlds of games and finance”
      Founded by William Latham (former CEO of Computer Artworks Ltd, and creator of the Award Winning Game “The THING” for PS2, Xbox and PC), Games Audit is a project management and audit operation for the games industry and finance organisations. The company’s aim is to meet the increasing demand for project management and operational auditing services from the growing number of banks, games funds and completion bonders who are entering the games industry. Games Audit also provides operational due diligence and technical reporting services for Audit Committees and Financial Auditors.

      With Games growing in size and in number of formats, there is also a growing requirement for these services from Games Publishers, and also from Developers who want to present themselves to be more “Bank and Investor attractive”.

      One of the common challenges facing financial groups (such as film finance companies) entering the world of games is that they invariably do not have expert knowledge about the games industry to make confident investment decisions and then cannot effectively monitor their investment. Games Audit supplies this expert knowledge and forms a bridge between the world of games and finance. Games Audit can be in some ways the “eyes and ears” of a finance organisation in the games world.

      For Completion Bond Companies, Games Audit, provides attentive ongoing project management and reporting and also has the management skill to manage getting a product complete “come hell or high water” in a disaster scenario.

      Looking to the future, it is expected with Playstation 3 and Xbox 2 that development and marketing budgets will increase again under pressure from the format owners and retail, and more wide ranging funding schemes will need to be put in place to assemble the finance components to achieve the higher budgets. Games Audit will be well positioned for this next stage.

      In essence Games Audit is a project management and audit service company and offers a wide range of practical services which the client can choose from at http://www.gamesaudit.com

      Clients: Completion Bonders, Banks, Audit Committees, Games Funds, License Owners, Film Finance Companies, Financial Consultants, Publishers, Venture Capitalists, Games Developers.

      William Latham, 25 June 2004

      For further information about Games Audit Ltd, please contact press@gamesaudit.com

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