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    Started working on this baby today. Have been wanting to do a Spitfire for a long time because I think its one of the coolest vehicle designs ever.
    Have got through some of the initial modeling. Then I will begin adding a lot of the detail, such as rivets etc. Most of the modeling at the beginning was done through spline modeling, and now onto poly modeling.
    When this is done I hope to do a Messerschmitt BF-109e and then do a nice dogfoght animation.
    Anyway, here is whats done so far, I will update the thread as I go on with the modeling.

    Updated with final renders of model. Next is animation.

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    Quick update. Got through some more of the modeling today, spent most of my time on the cockpit canopy which proved a right bitch to do. It still isn’t 100% but will do for the moment.
    Still have to do the guns, wheels, inner parts of cockpit and then various bits of detail.

    Just noticed the JPEG quality is crap, will make sure the next ones are better.

    Removed WIP pics to clean the thread up a bit. Final renders in first post

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    nice work biggles :)

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    Some posts seem to have randomly disappeared from the forums. Anyway, gives me a chance to post better quality renders of the model. The modeling is finished and I have just started the texturing, with the wing now textured.

    Removed WIP pics to clean the thread up a bit. Final renders in first post

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    Nice bit of detail there round the cockpit canopy. Good work Dave

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    Cheers Pete. Did a bit more of the texturing this evening, have also noticed a few problems with the tail section that I will have to fix. Anyway, here are a few of the lastest renders.

    Removed WIP pics to clean the thread up a bit. Final renders in first post

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    That is looking excellent!

    If you get time, and are thinking of doing an animation or something, it would very cool to see the parts un-textured, separated, and placed into flat, connected pieces ( in toy model kit form ), then maybe dis-connecting, moving into an intermediate state, having their “painted on” textures appear ( blend up ), and then having the various pieces connect into place to show the final plane.

    Placing David Ho-f as a pilot is optional, as is the strobing red panel on the wing tips ;)

    That is a lot easier to type than do of course ;)


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    Are you trying to kill me Mal!?!? ;)

    Running into some texturing problems, mainly to do with unwrapping. But managed to get a a lot of the texturing finished today. Just teh cockpit really left to do…

    Removed WIP pics to clean the thread up a bit. Final renders in first post

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    Awesome dude! :)

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    hi there

    nice work – quick done – but:

    the tri-colour circle on the side (don’t know how to call it) is badly stretched at the top – thats the first thing that got into my eyes :)

    the whole model looks rather like toy – textures (diffuse) are fine but i dont like the general view – the model is little too glossy or something…


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    Thanks for the comments. Hadn’t even noticed the fact that the circle decal was too far up the side of the hull, which is causing it to be mis-shapen. Will fix that. :)

    I happy with the glossiness of the plane, its got a light sheen which is how they look in the ref photos. I think it looks more like a toy because it is rendered with 3-point lighting on a grey plane, resulting in a diminished sense of scale. When I have it in the air or against backdrops it will look grand.

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    Lovely model…just thank god you didnt decide to go for a HOFF decal… :lol:

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    Hoff Decal eh?? ;)

    I’m rendering a test animation with it flying in the air at the moment. Its looking good, will post it up when its done.

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    Here is a frame from the animation, just so you can get an idea where I’m goin with it. Going for the old b&w film look.

    Oh yeah, and there is a little pilot in there too! :D

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    Very, very sweet! ;)

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    Lovely stuff, be sure to post a bink when you’re done

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    The movie is going well so far. Have strung a few of the opening scenes together and added some sound effects. Still trying to figure out a good way to do bullet tracer effects and muzzle flashes, if anyone has any ideas let me know! :D
    Also still have to model the Bf-109 so I can get the dogfights scenes together.
    Anyway, here are a few of the opening scenes just to whet the appetite. Debating whether to do a take off scene or not. Another interesting thing that I didn’t know about was that motion blur doesn’t work when render through a transparent object(ie: the cockpit windows). This became apparent when rendering the pilot POV scenes. I had to render the propellors out seperately and composite them onto the original scene afterwards to get the prop blur effect. I am also not fully happy with the prop blurring…..can’t get it fully 100% at the moment.

    (4meg Bink)

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    Theres a plugin render effect to get around that transparency problem you’re on about, I’ll look it up. Have you tried object motion blur instead of scene motion blur?

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    That would be great Pete, cheers. :)
    I’ve tried both object and image motion blur. Currently I’m using object motion blur.

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    Started on the Messerschmitt Bf109-e. I making this a low poly model for a change, and also to make the animation easier when it comes to the dogfight(two high poly spitfires are troublesome enough to animate without another 3 Bf109s in there!).
    Have got most of the main modeling finished, with just the cockpit canopy, wheels and air intakes to do. Current poly count stands at 1086.

    Update: Finished the Bf-109e model now(one great thing about low poly modeling is that it can(sometimes) be so quick to do!).
    Poly Count: 3311
    Verts: 1938
    Next up is texturing…..and then onto the fun stuff……..the dogfighting! ;)

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    Are you using F-Edge as a bump on the wings?

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    Nah, haven’t used f-edge Pete. Have never used it, is it any good?

    Finished the Bf109 now, textured etc – presented below. Also did a little screenshot of how I hope the final animation to look. I have to decided to do away with the black and white film grain look, and instead go for a de-saturated look like old 40’s color stock.

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    Just a quick update:
    V.busy with new job so this is on hold for the time being. :(

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    Yeah F -Edge rocks, it procedurally creates a gradient bump map on hard edges of your model based on an angle threshold, works particularly well on low poly models and can be baked out to a normal map to take the hardness off. Wheres the new job?

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    That sounds class Pete, must take a look at it!
    New job is with http://www.3d4medical.com

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    Great stuff Dave, good luck with it.

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    Great work mate! Presentation goes a long way… the scratched black and white photos were a good idea and make the hole thing a lot more real looking!
    Thanks for the inspiration…

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