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      Hi, I’m new to these forums and this website…..in fact I’m new to game design, but I’m extremely interested in learning. I’m in Transition Year in Louth and I was wondering if anyone could offer me work experience or direct me to someone who could. Thank you very much.

      I’ve been talking to a number of game designers, animators etc. inluding Barry Keating who works in SONY and he has offered me work experience in England but I might have to wait until next year and I would like to get one more week of work experience in this year. So PM me if you can offer any advice, tips, work experience or even other people who can help. Thanks in advance.

      I have a good knowledge of 3d modelling and have recently got Maya 2010. It’s really good but I have yet to really get to grips with it. In the mean time I’m using Wings 3d so I’m not a complete noob. So any tips will be appreciated

      By the way, just wanted to say….this website is great. The community is really nice and awesome!

      And I apologise for this post being quite messy. It’s my first time posting on this and I don’t usually write on forums.


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      are you still lookong for work experience? I can offer you around 2 weeks. I am a freelance programmer currently working on an 2.5d spaceship shooter iPhone title. I need some 3d and 2d art/models.

      PM me if you are interested.

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