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      Hello everybody im new to this forums so i dont know way round here :) Iam 16 years old and i live in Dublin Malahide and i go to 4th Transition Year School IOSA and we are doing Work Experience for things that you wanna do in Future i mean career.

      I must be the only person in the in my class that picked Gamer Designer Work and my teacher found this website so i though it would be good idea to post this on forum but the problem is that i dont have a clue……. how to make video games or even how to start what should i do and where to look for but as i said its only work experience not paid work and its gonna be for 2 weeks starting from October :P my teacher said its tough to find something in Ireland especially in Dublin for Gamer Designer.

      What im looking for dosent matter and i mean Programmer Graphic Designer or Enginner and i have very good computer knowledge and skills and i even told my teacher that why should i even look for this job if i have no idea how to make games…? but i play alot and all sort of games so i have experience on this also i have no problem if it was game tester because i think playing alot of games is needed for game tester right?.

      Well anyway could someone please help me out and tell me what to do im so lost now :cry:

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