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      article on Gamasutra adds mor fuel to the fire re: Xbox 2 not having a hard disc –

      Microsoft Signs Xbox Flash Disk Agreement
      Representatives from Israeli company M-System Flash Disk Pioneers have announced that the company has entered into a technology development agreement with Microsoft Corporation. Under the agreement, M-Systems will develop customized memory units for future Xbox products and services.

      This news has caused a new spate of speculation on the nature of the next generation Xbox console, with many analysts now convinced that the new machine will not have a hard drive and will not be backwards compatible.

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      This reminds me of Nintendo’s interest in better,cheaper storage tech – They invest $15 million with a company called Matrix Semiconductor.

      I guess this will more orientated towards Nintendo’s DS system but it could go into the next system also.



      So it appears that Microsoft does care about unit costs for the next generation of its hardware….interesting

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      Strangely enough I was thinking about something similar last night doing the laundry (it’s strangely therapeutic ;) ). Mainly wondering if there would be a benefit in a chipset that allowed for a Flash card to be used as a system drive at the BIOS level. If you could get one large enough to hold your OS at least, how would it affect performance vs. a hard drive?

      Oh how the mind wanders…:)

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      Microsoft ships first Xbox 2 development kits using Apple G5 hardware!

      full article:

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      Did I read that right?
      6xG5 cpus?

      Has anyone seen the size of the heatsinks/cooling systems in the Dual G5s from apple (Idora avert your eyes!!).

      How big is the XBox going to be? How noisy will it be!

      Still, If I can play Xbox games on my mac, I’ll be a happy camper.

      As a Mac head, an interesting side note to this is the fact that Microsoft have engineered one of their operating systems to run on Apple Hardware. Coupled with their recent acquisition of VirtualPC, can Windows running natively on apple hardware be far off?


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      Dov Moran, CEO of M-Systems, the company which has been contracted by Microsoft to provide flash memory storage for Xbox 2, has told an Israeli newspaper that the next-generation console will not have a hard disc drive.


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