Those of us in the general media area will know of the EUs MEDIA programme which aims to support the development and circulation of European media works. This includes interactive works.

A call for project ideas has been made and may be worth checking out as a source of funding.

For financial year 2008 the deadline is 15/04/2008 which is close but if you had a project idea ready to go it would be worth checking out.

There is a MEDIA desk in Ireland which provides support and can answer questions about participating in such projects.

See for more info.


The MEDIA 2007 programme has the global objectives:

– to preserve and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and its cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, to guarantee its access to the public and to promote dialogue between cultures;

– to increase the circulation and audience of European audiovisual works within and

outside of the Union;

– to reinforce the competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector within the

framework of an open and competitive European market.

The current Call for Proposals has the specific objective of promoting, by providing

financial support, the development of production projects intended for European and

international markets presented by independent European production companies in

the following categories: on and off-line interactive works, including works

developed for computers, consoles, handheld consoles and mobile handsets.

Info here, for those that are interested: