If you have completed an undergraduate course and would like to turn your attention towards the gaming industry there are a variety of postgraduate courses with an emphasis on the field of interactive digital media. The MSc. in Multimedia Technology at TCD is one such course.

The entry requirements state that “good honours graduates from any discipline” are admitted. In conversation with course co-ordinator, Nina Bresnihan, we were told that a 2:1 result from an undergraduate degree is a good level to aim for, although applicants have been accepted with lower results based upon individual merit. Successful applicants have come from many different backgrounds, some with a specific interest in games development.

The course appears to have a distinct bias towards web-based multimedia and in the past some graduates have founded successful multimedia web design companies. However, Ms. Bresnihan pointed out that the course is currently evolving with students this year commencing a module in Interactive 3-D. This new module includes study of VRML and Shockwave 3D – both used to deliver 3-D gaming experiences over the web.

Although some groups have created online games for their final project , we could not trace any graduates who have become games developers. At present there are no notable games industry links with this course.

All modules on the course are compulsory. The modules of most relevance include Java Programming, Graphics Processing, Digital Audio, the Interactive 3-D module already mentioned and the study of interactive narrative.

Aside from the final project, a thesis is expected from every participant in March. While subject matter of this must be approved, the range of topics covered is very wide, therefore scope is available for research into game related topics.

There are 30 places on this course each year and applications should be sent to the Graduate Admissions Offices at TCD. The course is available on a full-time basis only.

Location: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Course: MSc. In Multimedia Technologies
Duration: 1 year full-time
Course Strengths:
Study of 3-D with a strong bias towards web delivery, large emphasis on theory, study of interactive narrative, digital audio.
Course Weaknesses:
Little or no games-related industrial input, minimal focus on console and PC gaming.
More Info: www.cs.tcd.ie/courses/mscmm