A call for submissions has been circulated for the JOURNAL OF GAME DEVELOPMENT which will have its first issue in December of 2003.

For researchers, academics and RnD departments of game companies this new journal looks like providing an interesting new space for the dissemination of research. The following information has been circulated on various mailing lists.

‘The Journal of Game Development (JOGD) is a newly created journal dedicated to the dissemination of leading-edge, original research, and underpinnings that detail the most recent findings in related academic disciplines, hardware, software, and technology that will directly affect the way games are conceived, developed, produced, and delivered. The research will come from both academia and industry. The editor-in chief is Michael van Lent , University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies, and the founding editor is Mark Deloura, Developer Relations Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Game related topics from the areas of physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, graphics, networking, audio, simulation, robotics, visualization, and interactive entertainment will be considered. It is the goal of the journal to unite these cutting-edge ideas from industry with academic research in order to advance the field of game development and to further advance the acceptance of the study of game development by the academic community.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
Artificial Intelligence
Graphics, particularly as it relates to real-time developments
Simulation and Visualization
Interactive Entertainment

The first issue is scheduled for publication in December 2003. All papers will be refereed according to the high standards of the Editorial Board and its referees. Authors will receive 5 free offprints of their published paper and will transfer copyright to the Publisher. There are no page charges for publication. Manuscripts should be prepared following the general guidelines for authors published in the journal. Full instructions can be found at www.jogd.com. Please include a covering letter stating that the submission is intended for the Journal of Game Development. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Publisher by July 15 2003, although authors are strongly encouraged to submit their work as soon as possible.’

For questions on the submission process, please contact Jenifer Niles jniles@charlesriver.com, or Michael van Lent vanlent@ict.usc.edu.