This press information was sent to us recently and we always like to help fellow Irish groups with a volunteer element. This is mostly aimed at organising online game tournaments and a proportion of the advertising revenue will go to charity.



Irelands first volunteer online gaming company is now setting up an Online Gaming Portal at to aid in the development of online gaming in Ireland.

As a non-profit company, will not be looking at how much money to take from gamers. In fact, we will not be profiting directly from gamers in any way. In addition to this 10% of advertisements on the site will be going directly into charities such as and other charities around the world.

Starting with an online tournament in Starcraft 2, n00b gaming will focus its build over the next few months by establishing itself in the gaming community as THE online site for gaming tournaments.

The site itself will be hosted at and will begin with a 64 player Starcraft 2 tournament with a prize pool of €320 up for grabs.

The full site will be launched within the next couple of weeks and will contain other gaming information such as:

● Games news
● Gaming Trailers
● Upcoming Events
● Gaming Resources
● Forums
● And much more…

Be ready to play like a Pr0 and register now to compete in the event on launch day from the comfort of your own home.

Advance through the tournament to see your games broadcast live and recorded on YouTube! Be in with a chance to compete against the StarCraft 2 Pr0s and measure your skills in the European Leaderboard that will be launched soon.

Play like a Pr0 at