The Post-graduate Diploma at Letterkenny IT is a one year (two semester) taught programme in computing which focuses on topics applicable to the computer games programming and development industry. Its aim is to take a computing graduate, or graduate with equivalent qualifications, and supplement their skills and knowledge in readiness to begin a career in computer games development.

The subjects covered on the post-graduate diploma are:

Semester 1:
Games Programming 1
The Mathematics and Physics of Game Environments
Game Design
3D Animation and 3D Modelling

Semester 2:
Games Programming 2
Game Technologies and Entrepreneurship
Team Project
2D and 3D Graphics

The core programming language used in the course is C++. After a quick review of topics such as the STL and data structures the programming elements of the course focuses on OpenGL and DirectX. The Animation subject uses 3DS-Max and the Torc Instinct Engine. When developing the course we worked closely with industry and this cooperation has continued into the delivery of the course. For example, Mark Cullen, from Torc Interactive is delivering the Game Design module and a number of industry players are giving guest lectures and talks. The Team Project will allow students to enhance their portfolio or potential employers and an Entrapreneurship element has been added in recognition of the fact that some graduates
will aspire to set up their own games companies. The college is keen to work with and facilitate such graduates.

To attain the Masters qualification an additional dissertation component must be completed. The dissertation will offer the student the opportunity to demonstrate extended knowledge and abilities in areas suggested by topics covered in the Post-graduate Diploma. The dissertation will be agreed during the initial taught phase of the course to allow the student to undertake background research over the summer break. After the summer break the dissertation will normally be completed over one full-time semester (September to Christmas) although it may be completed part-time over two semesters (September to Easter).

Entry Requirements
Admission to this programme will be by standard application procedure for Post-graduate programmes. The requirement for entry to the proposed programme will be an Honours Degree in Computing with first, or second class honours, or an equivalent qualification. Applicants will be required to attend an interview.

Progression Requirements
To continue from the Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Games Development to the Master of Science in Computer Games Development the candidate must obtain a passing grade in each module plus a 50% average mark over the 8 taught modules of the Post-graduate Diploma.

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