Sandbox Symposium 08

Call for Participation

The third annual ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium on videogames calls for papers, panel proposals, and presentations. We are looking for work that describes or illustrates innovative research in videogame theory, practice, and criticism.

Video games are a singular technological medium, comparable in cultural impact to the telephone, television or the Internet. What are the creative, technological, and commercial challenges facing this medium in the future? How do we relate great stories that leverage advances in technology? What is the continuing impact of this medium on individuals and society?

We seek original papers from the creative and technical communities that develop videogames and from academic researchers who study videogames and relevant technologies and disciplines. We also invite proposals for panel discussions. Selected papers will be those judged to have the greatest potential for impact on the practice of videogame development. All papers should meet the standards of their respective disciplines and will be peer-reviewed. For an indication of the conference’s breadth, please visit for a look at last year’s program.

Suggested Topics

Real-time animation and computer graphics for video games
Distributed simulation and communication in multi-player games
Game console hardware, software, tools, and middleware
Psychophysics and user interfaces
Artificial intelligence in games
Interactive physics
Uses of GPU for non-graphical algorithms in games
Multi-processor techniques for games
Speech and vision processing as user input techniques
Development tools and techniques
Procedural art
Sound Design and music in games
Mathematical Game Theory applied to video games
Cinematography in games
Game design and game genres
Story structure (setting, plot, character, theme) in games and interactive fiction
Games (e.g., Casual, Serious, Mobile, Networked, Alternative Reality, Pervasive)
Legal, political, and societal impacts
Women and diversity in games
Gamer culture and community (e.g., modding communities, LAN parties, creative gamer content and machinima)
Independent game developers
Economics and business models in the game industry
Game production and labor

Please submit full papers (maximum 8 pages). All papers will be reviewed by an independent review committee, which will provide written feedback on each paper.

Panel Proposals

Proposals for panel discussions should include a statement of purpose (1 page) and 3-5 participants. Each participant should provide a biography and a brief discussion (2-4 paragraphs) of the topic under discussion.


In addition we seek demonstrations of innovative projects and/or previews of unreleased videogame titles. Presentations should be two minutes in length and must show gameplay. Use Quicktime format, either NTSC (480p) or HDTV (720p).


The web site for submissions is The deadline for paper and panel submissions is March 24, 2008. The deadline for presentations (see above) submissions is June 30, 2008.

All submissions should be PDF or DOC format and follow the SIGGRAPH style rules and Instructions for Authors (


Sandbox 08 will be co-located with SIGGRAPH 08 and will start August 9, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. More details about location, times, and dates will be posted on the conference website.


If you have questions, please contact the conference chair, Dave Schwartz (585-475-5521, dis at it dot rit dot edu).