Well it has been a while since our birthday shindig what with GDC, E3 and IGDA Ireland events.

Again this month we are heading to Toners on Baggot Street because they will reserve tables for us downstairs.

Time: 7 pm onwards..

Directions: From Stephen’s Green North walk past the Shelbourne Hotel and towards Merrion Row/Baggot Street. Keep walking straight with Upper Merrion Street on your left and Ely Place on your right. Toners is a wine & black pub and will be on your right on a corner. If you reach Pembroke Street. on your right you have passed it and gone too far.

The shindig will be downstairs. To get there you can walk through the pub to the back where there is a stairs or walk around the side outside where there is another door. I will put up signs so you know where you are going..

Still unsure? The address is 139 Baggot Street Lower.

check your route here dublin/maps/p52s54.htmlhere

Don’t know what we look like?
Take a look in the forums for the pics from the birthday shindig community/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=219&perpage=50&pagenumber=2here