Our friend Ernest Adams sent this in to me. He is looking to showcase commercial and non-commercial game designs this summer in London. For more read on.



Ernest is looking for examples of groundbreaking game design work to show off at the Develop Conference this summer in Brighton. He is chairing a workshop
called “Emerging Issues in Game Design,” which is deliberately modelled on
the Experimental Gameplay Workshop that takes place each year at the Game
Developers’ Conference.

The idea is to show off wildly innovative ideas, whether they’re commercially practical or not. It must already be implemented as running code, even if it’s only a prototype in Flash. You have to have something the audience can see. Also, you have to be able to explain it in ten minutes maximum! The workshop is a two-hour event, and I’m trying to get in as many people as possible.

The workshop will take place sometime on Thursday, the 26th of July at the
Develop Conference in Brighton, UK — the exact time has not been scheduled.

If selected you will get you a one-day pass for the 26th. All travel and other expenses are your own responsibility.

Students are welcome! If I get a large number of applications I will decide
who gets in on the basis of what I think is the most innovative/unusual and
give the Sincere Handshake of Condolence to the others. SEE “WHAT YOU NEED


What: Emerging Issues in Game Design workshop
When: July 26, 2007.
Where: Develop Conference, Brighton
Compensation: One-day pass to the Conference.
Your part: A short presentation of your extremely innovative design work


– The name of one person who will present the work.
– That person’s affiliation if any. Students are welcome.
– Complete contact info, including E-mail AND phone number, please.
– A ONE-PARAGRAPH summary of the work to be presented.
– (Optional) a link to a place on the Web where I can see something.
– No executables or large files in the mail, please.

A few boring rules:

– One speaker per idea, sorry!
– I’ll only pick one idea per company/institution, I want to spread the joy.
– There must be running code, even if only in prototype
– No thinly-veiled marketing pitches!
– No coy references to confidential material, you must be willing to answer

Remember Bruce Sterling’s dictum: “Woo the muse of the odd.” That spirit
informs this event.

For more contact Ernest at ewadams at designersnotebook.com

Website: www.designersnotebook.com