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Paper proposals are sought for the Theory & Design postgraduate digital game studies conference at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London to be held on 14/9/2007. Any postgraduate Masters or PhD student is invited to send a proposal.

The deadline for abstracts to be submitted is 30/5/2007, and the review committee will notify successful candidates by 15/6/2007. An abstract should outline the central argument, focus and study area of the proposed paper, and be no longer than a page, along with a brief biography. A paper presentation should be 20 minutes long, allowing 10 minutes for Q&A. Papers will be published on the conference website and in Isambard Kingdom, the university Second Life web presence.

The theme of the conference is “Theory & Design”, and some sample areas of interest are listed below: Fun, history of games, game theory, combat systems, socio-cultural issues, community, gaming culture, genres, design possibilities for the next generation, ethnicity, sound, character, immersion, play, widening markets, sex, casual games, agency, serious games, time & space, education, economic and industrial analysis, narrative, game auteurs, graphical styles, empirical analysis, gender, intermediality & transmediality, localisation, cultural differences, violence. Other topics related to Digital Game Theory & Design are also welcomed.

Please submit your abstract to Tanya.krzywinska at