What this means is that Upstart Games will work with Konami Online to bring its catalogue of mobile game titles to over 250 million mobile users in North American and other world markets. Konami Online’s portfolio includes classics such as Frogger, Gradius and Castlevania.

Upstart Games will provide development and distribution services, as well as support for the marketing and business development processes.

The first results from this relationship will be the availability of Konami’s classic arcade hit “Frogger” to subscribers of AT&T Wireless’ mModeTM service with compatible handsets.

Note 1: Konami Online, Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of KONAMI CORPORATION of Japan and will focus on the production and distribution of mobile games.

Note 2: Upstart Games Ltd. is headquartered in Dublin, with offices in Tokyo and New York. Upstart Games provides mobile games content and services to operators in European and North American markets.