Update August 12th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to date.

We have been a bit slow on organising volunteers what with holidays etc. but we are gearing up now.

We have sufficient technical and web skills now in our team. But we are always looking for more folks to write. Feel free to drop us a line.

Volunteer with gd.ie 

GameDevelopers.ie is a non-profit, volunteer run site that has been supporting the Irish games scene for thirteen years now.

We aim to provide an openly accessibly source of information on what is happening in the local game scene, amateur and professional, and an archive of what has happened. A few people have put in a lot of work into having a platform that provides the local community, students, hobbyists and industry, with coverage of games and play related news, a free place to advertise jobs and Irish made games, and feature articles for more in-depth stories.

Need for Volunteers


Overtime volunteers have moved on, emigrated, or got very busy in work, and the number of people actively running the website has dwindled. We usually have to renew things every couple of years. This is where you come in.

Firstly, there are still bugs with the new wordpress site and we need to fix the site to work on mobile devices. So we need some more technical volunteers who can help with that.

Second, we have a massive archive of material from our thirteen year archive we need to have properly categorised. We have to compare and contrast current content with the old site, so we can make sure that all the features and articles are back online again, in a fully searchable format. (This could be interesting for someone looking to explore the scene over the past decade in more detail).

So, we need self-starting volunteers with the following skills or interests.

– 1. Web developers, preferably with experience with WordPress (CSS/HTML/PHP)
– 2. Graphic designers for article images/social media – intermittant
– 3. Security specialist, who can do a full security audit of GD.ie systems, so we can make sure a hack doesn’t happen again.
– 4. Content curators who can go through our content, removing duplicates, and doing some minor editing, tagging, categorisation, descriptions, and work through bringing our archive back online
– 5. News writers, who can write short reports on local events around #IrishGameDev and write short news pieces on breaking Irish games news – this could also be short video pieces.
– 6. Feature writers, who can write in-depth pieces and interviews with people in the local industry.
– 7. Co-ordinator, who can help project manage the above people


This is not a lifetime commitment – if you can only do stuff for a couple of months or less that is okay.

So if you can help, we want to hear from you! Please get in touch with aphra [at] gamedevelopers [dot] ie with the subject “GameDevelopers.ie Volunteer – AREA”

Sponsorship Opportunities

A benefit of the new site is that we have better statistics and a more secure structure.

So in addition to the above we are currently starting to look for sponsorship from companies in #IrishGameDev.

There are two types of sponsorship we’re considering. We have space for one primary sponsor on the homepage, and three secondary sponsors, which will be prominently featured across the site.

You can promote a company/product/event, or if you are releasing a game, you can have a game logo to drive traffic to the game page.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with aphra [at] gamedevelopers [dot] ie with the subject “GameDevelopers.ie Sponsorship”.