Lab Workshops

Some of the following workshops lmay interest those working on modding and using games as a means of artistic and political expression. One workshop looks at 8 bit music.

The location is also great, i.e. northern Spain! So if you haven’t booked your holidays yet take a look.



Modding, Reversing and Intervening in Today’s Gaming Worlds
02.07.07 – 27.07.07


In July LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries is organising four workshops exploring the intersections between videogames, art and reality today.

Game hardware and software will be used for performances, activism and critique and participants will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the language of videogames and create new meanings and results.

An intense workshop tackling the basic notions about modding and editing of Quake III Arena levels with the aid of open source code elements. In order to create fully redistributable games, participants will learn to generate interactive 3D contents for Quake III and to engineer new game features in the game engine’s source code.

Workshop led by:
JULIAN OLIVER (NZ) is an artist, educator and media theorist specialising in the development of free software. In 1998 he set up Select Parks, an artistic game development collective.

Dates: 02. – 07. 07.2007
Hours: 10 am – 2 pm & 4 – 7 pm

15 participants, age +18, selected by CV and motivation letter in English
Registration fee: 100 €
Deadline: 15.06.2007
Working language: English
Prior experience in programming and 3D modelling will be valued

The Fiambrera Obrera team will work with digital cameras and image editing, teaching basic levels of 3D modelling as well as some “tricks” and activities related with their software: narrative design and characters, modelling and remodelling of scripts and characters. Participants will be involved in field work in the area of Gijon.

Workshop led by:
LA FIAMBRERA OBRERA (ES) is an open group that works in areas charged with a high degree of political and social conflict. Their methods are primarily direct action and intervention.

Dates: 09. – 13.07.2007
Workshop limited to members of Asociación Mar de Niebla
Hours: 12 am – 2 pm & 4 – 8 pm
Working language: Spanish


This workshop explores SL as a platform for art expression, activism and critique. It will be led by a machinima professional, two media artists and a programmer who work on SL on a practical and theoretical level using it as an ideal platform to share ideas and to perform.
Participants will learn through collaborative work how to make machinimas, how to write basic scripts and how to use SL as a platform for social action and artistic expression.

Workshop led by:
RICARD GRAS (ESP) is an artist, producer and director of machinima Europe Board. He explores new creative uses for technologies and relationships between art and the media. In 2003, he founded LA-INTERACTIvA, one of the companies that are officially in charge of the development of SL.

KRISTIAN LUKIC (SERBIA) is a writer, artist and a cultural and game researcher. He is a program manager in New Media Center – and the founder of Eastwood – Real Time Strategy Group and also of Napon – Institute for flexible culture and technologies.

ILIAS MARMARAS (GR) is a new media artist and a leading member of the international group Personal Cinema. He has been working in gaming environments and game art since 1999.

YANNIS SCOULIDAS (GR) is a technical director, administrator and programmer of Personal Cinema and specialist in software and hardware.

Dates: 17. – 21.07.2007
Hours: 10 am – 2 pm & 4 – 8 pm
15 participants, age +18, selected by CV and motivation letter in English
Registration fee: 100 €
Deadline: 03.07.2007
Working language: English
Experience in on-line game environments and especially familiarisation with SL will be valued

8bit sound and music is a distinctive feature of early videogames, and has become a seminal contemporary music style utilized by artists and DJs in engaging live audiovisual performances and remixes. This workshop will bring together creators from US and Spain who will work with young people to create music using Gameboys. The workshop will close with an evening of Chiptunes performances with sounds by the artists, the workshop participants and visuals by media artists Entter.

Workshop led by:
HAEYOUNG KIM (BUBBLYFISH) (KO) is a sound artist and composer who explores the textures of sounds and their cultural representation. Her work has been presented in art venues, clubs and new media festivals around the world.

CHRIS BURKE (GLOMAG) (USA) has been making 8bit music since 2001. He has performed in many countries and his music has played in films, on television and on the Internet. The machinima series “This Spartan Life”, features his music as well as other 8bit artists and is featured in Gameworld.

RABATO(ESP) composes music with the famous software Littlesounddj created by Johan Kotlinski for a Nintendo Gameboy consoles. He is the co-founder of microBCN and has participated in festivals and concerts in various cities.

YES, ROBOT (ESP) mix Gameboy sounds with other instruments like synthesizes, samples and toys modified by themselves. They are founding members of the 8bit collective microBCN.

ENTTER(ESP) is formed by Raúl Berrueco and Raquel Meyers. Entter was formed to create a collective space for the expression of the common restlessness felt by many creative people in the interactive media art field. Their fields of research include AVperformance, installations, non-linear narrative, videogames, interfaces, experimental music, VJing and

Dates: 26. – 27.07.2007
Hours: 11 am – 2 pm & 4 – 7 pm
15 participants, age +18, selected by CVand motivation letter
Registration fee: 50 €
Deadline: 16.07.2007
Working language: English and Spanish
Prior basic programming experience and music ability will be valued

Concept and Coordination of workshops:
Daphne Dragona, independent new media arts curator, Athens

Carl Goodman, Deputy Director and Director of Digital Media,Museum of the Moving Image, New York

Activities will take place at the labs and workshops of the LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries is a space for artistic exchange. It is set up with the purpose of establishing an effective alliance between art, design, culture, industry and economic progress and the goal of becoming a space for interaction and dialogue between art, new technologies and industrial creation. It throws a special spotlight in production, creation and research into art concepts still being defined.

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries
Director: Rosina Gómez-Baeza
Universidad Laboral s/n, 33394 Gijón, Asturias – Spain
T. +34 985 185 577 F. +34 985 337 355


Games: Edu, Mobile & Develop Confs 07

This years Games:Edu conference will take place in Brighton in the UK on the 24 July just before the Develop conference and expo.

Backed by Skillset, the UK government agency focussed on skills in industry, and a number of major game development companies the focus is on games education.

Looks very interesting for both industry and academics involved in games education.

Early bird pricing of £95 is available until the 1st of July. For more on the programme and to register see and

For more on the larger Develop conference and Expo see

There is also a Develop Mobile event on the 24th of July. See

Launch Of Darklight

The programme for the 2007 Darklight Film Festival Symposium was unveiled in the Curved Café, Filmbase, Temple Bar today.

Darklight Director, Nicky Gogan, introduced the programme, which includes a number of screenings, discussion forums, master classes and workshops and the YouTube Video Lounge.

There are five key themes this year which include the future of TV, game and film convergence, digital archiving, exhibition and distribution of film.

There are a number of locations for this year’s symposium, including Filmbase, the IFI and Cineworld and the event takes place from Thursday 21st June – Sunday 24th June.

Entrance to the entire Darklight weekend costs €50 or €20 for students/unwaged.

Further information and tickets are available at or Tel: 01 6709017

Games: Edu 07

Brighton, UK

24 July

Focus on games education

Skillset and major game companies involved


Develop Mobile Conf

Brighton, UK

24th of July

for more see

Develop Conference And Expo

Brighton, UK

All sorts of passes and prices but the expo is free.

For more see

24-26th of July

Game Dev Tech Talk

Rob Burke from Microsoft (Ireland) will be speaking at Cineworld in Dublin on Thursday the 7th of June at 6:15PM on Microsoft game developer technologies for Windows, the XBox 360, and Microsoft Robotics Studio.

It’s all part of the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference, which is on all day.

If you would like to register, please tell the IMTC that you heard about it at



Skillset Games Showcase

For those of you who are in the London area/or willing to travel the Skillset Annual Animation and Games Showcase will be taking place in The David Lean Room, BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London on Tuesday 26 June from 4pm-7pm.

Irish Microsoft Tech Conf

Rob Burke from MS will be speaking at Cineworld in Dublin on Thursday the 7th of June at 6:15PM on Microsoft game developer technologies for Windows, the XBox 360, and Microsoft Robotics Studio:

It’s part of the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference, which is on all day.

If you would like to register, please tell the IMTC that you heard about it at