Would you like to get involved? Lets try to crowd source information and improve it.  You can use the contact form here on gd.ie to send us information. Just put [timeline project] in the message header. We’re also interested in photographs related to each company and team.

Use left and right keys to move through the entries in order. Underneath, you can zoom in and out on the timescale and drag left and right to move through time quickly. Each dot has an associated entry.

Tools: Timeline JS from the awesome http://timeline.knightlab.com/

A great article based on this timeline is available at http://www.newstalk.com/Gaming-industry-in-Ireland by journalist Stephen McNeice. 

This timeline of the Irish Games Industry was compiled by Jamie McCormick to show visitors that Ireland has a relatively long history in various aspects of the games industry and culture. The alpha timeline breaks out events in the history of the Irish games industry into six tracks, according to industry events/policy decisions, company/team formation split into Game & App development, Games technology/middleware, industry services, publishing and retail/consumer services.

It uses information released in the Games Industry in Ireland 2012 report, and further research continued until June 2013, company formation dates from CRO or Companies House, or if unavailable, the date a website was registered. ~70% of entries were formally registered as companies in some shape or form.

To date the project has had valued input from across the Irish game development community, Games Fleadh, State of Play, Dr. Aphra Kerr, Mr Phil Bourke, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland. The project stalled in May 2014 when Scraggly Dog Games and GetIrishGames closed down.