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Luzon Rails Kickstarter success

Luzon Rails is the latest board game by Imirt Board Member, and Ireland based board game designer, Robin David. The project recently met it’s funding goal on kickstarter. For more info check out the Kickstarter page at Estimated delivery is Dec. 2020. Well done all.

Mindframe Arena released by Fierce Fun

Irish game developer Fierce Fun has just released their digital board game Mindframe Arena – a ‘Smart and Safe’ game designed for a family-friendly environment. As games like chess can be off-putting for some children, Mindframe Arena is a great way to introduce children to intellectually stimulating activities such as[...]

Gambrinous releases Cardpocalypse

Make friends, play cards, twist the rules, become a Mega Mutant Power Pets master, and try to save the world in this single-player RPG about being a 90’s kid. On her first day at Dudsdale Elementary, 10-year old Jess accidentally gets everybody’s favorite collectible card game banned, forcing the kids[...]

Heathen Engineering Launches Terran

Heathen Engineering has launched their first full featured game: Terran. Found an empire and expand across the stars, command massive fleets in interstellar conflicts and pilot powerful warships as you battle for victory in Heathen Engineering’s Terran. Terran combines grand strategy on a galactic scale with real time strategy and[...]

StoryToys release new ‘Hungry Caterpillar Play School’ app

StoryToys have released a new app in the Hungry Caterpillar series inspired by Eric Carle’s classic children’s picture book. Following the success of the ‘My Very Hungry Caterpillar App’ in 2015 when it was awarded the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award for excellence in children’s digital publishing, StoryToys have developed an educational[...]

WarDucks Releases Sneaky Bears for PSVR

WarDucks Releases Retro 80s themed First Person Shooter ‘Sneaky Bears’ for Rapidly Growing PlayStation VR Market. Cute Evil Teddy Bears Want to Take Over the World in the Dublin-based Studio’s New Release Sneaky Bears   WarDucks, a virtual reality game studio founded by a former Facebook employee, has launched the[...]

The Danger Games is released.

THE DANGER MOUSE APP ‘THE DANGER GAMES’ IS HERE World’s greatest secret agent undertakes a new digital mission Devotees of Danger Mouse can get their hands on ‘The Danger Games’, the brand new app dedicated to the world’s greatest secret agent and developed by 9th Impact in Galway, Ireland. Available[...]

The Little Acre now out on iTunes

The Little Acre is now out on iPad and iPhone. The Little Acre follows the story of Aidan and his daughter, Lily, set in 1950’s Ireland. After discovering clues as to the whereabouts of his missing father, Aidan begins investigating until he inadvertently finds himself transported to a strange new[...]

Coming in July – The Darkside Detective

Developed by Spooky Doorway in Galway, and showcasing the talents of lots of local indie developers, ‘The Darkside Detective’ has just released a trailer to announce its full release in July 2017. The Darkside Detective is a classic point and click adventure game and it is being developed for PC and Mac.  [...]

Eden Isle Updates

  Simteractive quietly released Eden Isle in Canada, Belgium and the Philippines a little while ago. As with most mobile games, we released it in a few countries first so we can make sure everything is working perfectly before we release the game worldwide in the coming months. If you are[...]

Beta Testers Wanted – Cork studio

Hi, we’re Halesoft, based in Cork in the south of Ireland. We make games as well as provide a long list of other web based services.  We just came out of the woodwork lately, sprung up in Cork a few months ago.  We’re a bunch of lads from varies backgrounds, mainly[...]

Irate Traffic by Polyonic Studios released on Android

Polyonic Studios is an independent games development studio based in Sligo. They are a team of three, who met in college studying games development. After leaving college they started Polyonic Studios and began development on Irate Traffic in August of 2016. “There has been a sharp learning curve for all[...]

Scéal, a Supernatural Irish game, now out on Steam

  Independent game developer Joint Custody have been in touch to say that their supernatural Irish mystery game Scéal (meaning ‘Story’) in Irish is now available on Steam. Rooted in Irish folklore, the game tells the tale of a young girl’s spirit that’s trapped on earth. She must unravel the truth[...]

Charles Cecil working with Pewter Games on The Little Acre

In recent weeks, renowned game designer Charles Cecil has been working with Pewter Games as executive producer to provide the final polish on their upcoming game ‘The Little Acre’. “The creator of ‘Broken Sword’ – a hugely successful game, Charles is one of the biggest names in adventure gaming. Having him on[...]

Free Racing Zero Released by Six Minute

SixMinute, based in Dublin, have released their latest game ‘FRZ: Free Racing Zero’. Developed in Unity, and published by Fingersoft, the game reinvents an old school classic racer. Check out the trailer. [embedyt][/embedyt]     FRZ: Free Racing Zero brings high-paced retro racing back to the world. It’s time to[...]

Pewter Games Studios at Pax South

Pewter Games Studios is a small Irish game development studio based in Dublin and focusing on the creation of unique and memorable story-driven games. Read more about them at ‘The Little Acre’ is coming to PCs and consoles in 2016 and they have been previewing their work recently at Pax south[...]

Cellular Released on App store

Tribal City Interactive, an independent game development studio based in Galway, have just released ‘Cellular’ on iPhone and iPad. Cellular is an elegant game of exploration of space, colour and sound. Its fluid motion, achieved through a rhythmic one-touch input, creates a soothing, engaging experience. With a huge variety of[...]

Beta version of Global Agents released

  Dublin based game development studio, WarDucks, have just released a beta version of their game Global Agents on iOS in Ireland, Canada and UK. Work as part of the Counter Terrorism Agency to stop terrorist attacks in this new Hidden Object Adventure game. Take a look at the video[...]

Biker Mice from Mars lands

More Galway related news. Irish game developers, 9th Impact (based in Galway) have this week launched the official Biker Mice from Mars game on iPhone and Android. The game is based on the smash hit 90’s animated TV series of the same name which was a staple of “The Den” programming[...]

Imirt Game Showcase

In the last two weeks Imirt, the new organisation representing analogue and digital game makers in Ireland, have put together a showcase of some of the great games being developed by talented game developers in Ireland. Editing was done by EndLife Studios and Geoff Newman and Vinny McCreith did the music. Visit[...]

Grandpa Pip’s Birthday released

Some well know local devs have just announced the release of ‘Grandpa Pip’s Birthday’.   Made with the Fungus SDK and Unity3d, Grandpa Pip’s Birthday is a short and light 2d, side scrolling, point and click adventure game.   “Welcome to Pipsville, a back water town at the far flung corners[...]

Help Biker Mike from Mars come back to Earth!

  Wave of 90’s nostalgia forecast, following announcement of a new Biker Mice from Mars smartphone game. If you grew up in the early 90’s in Ireland, chances are you tuned into ‘The Den’ on Network 2 to watch Lawrence Limburger’s latest plot to wreak havoc on Chicago and the efforts of[...]

Onikira: Demon Killer out 27th August

Dublin based Digital Furnace Games has announced the release of Onikira: Demon Killer for PC. Onikira will launch across Steam and other digital stores on Thursday 27th August priced $13.99, £10.59 or €13.99. Launched in association with Headup Games and Merge Games (Germany and UK respectively), Onikira: Demon Killer is a 2D[...]

Zombie Ablockalypse entry for IGMC 2015

  Zombie Ablockalypse, by Gazzapper Games, is a fast arcade action game with colourful cartoon graphics. The premise of the game is that your civilians are under threat from a Zombie Virus that is spreading fast throughout the towns. The game is an entry for the 2015 IGMC (Indie Game[...]

Guild of Dungeoneering Launches

Distinctive Indie Developed Role-playing Game Now Available for PC   We are delighted to announce that indie developer Gambrinous, in partnership with indie publishing powerhouse Versus Evil, released Guild of Dungeoneering for PC in July. The innovative and entertaining new card driven dungeon-crawler combines dungeon building, exploration and combat mechanics with nostalgic ‘hand[...]

9th Impact releases Robotory on App store

Galway-based 9th Impact, who build games for mobile phones, have released their newest game to the App Store today, July 1st. Robotory is an endless arcade game, exclusively on iOS, which features a group of Robots who are trying to escape their factory as the floodwaters rise. They must jump[...]

Poke the Bear releases Chameleon Falls

Poke the Bear has just released Chameleon Falls on Google Play. Poke The Bear is a new Irish “Studio” based in Bray, Co. Wicklow. To date, our focus has been on developing educational content and games. Chameleon Falls is our first casual game and its totally FREE! Prepare to blister your[...]

Gazzapper releases WimblePong Tennis

Gazzapper Games has just shared their latest game – just in time for Wimbledon. Tennis game in Retro form using Real Pro Tennis Scoring system. Play tennis against CPU or second player!   A lightweight tennis game for your tablet. Play it during French or US Open or Wimbledon events! Best played[...]

Curtain wins more awards

We have just heard that ‘Curtain’ by Llaura McGee (@dreamfeeel ) has won the 2015 Best Game Script Award from the Writers Guild of Ireland for ‘Curtain’. This comes on the back of  the Grand Prize for The Most Amazing Game at Amaze, Berlin, 2015. ‘Curtain is a first person narrative that deals with a complex and[...]

StoryToys Wins a Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award

StoryToys, based in Dublin, have been awarded the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2015 for ‘My Very Hungry Caterpillar’, an app for children based on the work of renowned illustrator and author Eric Carle. The BolognaRagazzi Digital Award is given by the organisers of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the world’s[...]

Get Irish game Algebalance

Algebalance is an iOS game aimed at teaching young kids the basics of Algebra. It does so through a fun puzzle game where the player has to rearrange colourful “Vumbles” around on a set of scales, and ensure that they still balance. We have just heard that the game is[...]

Two Nominations for A MAZE 2015

Two Irish game creators have been nominated for the A MAZE festival which will take place in Berlin, Germany, this coming weekend, the 22-25th of April. The first is Curtain by LLaura Dreamfeel.   The second is Deep by Owen Harris and Niki Smit.   This is the second year in a row[...]

Studio POWWOW & Puppy Cuts

Studio POWWOW has informed us that they have just released Puppy Cuts – My Dog Grooming Pet Salon. They developed  the game for The Kindly Ones Ltd. from concept right through to full release and it is published by Dublin based, StoryToys. It is out now via the App Store (see below). ‘Go from scruffy to fluffy[...]

#IrishGameDev interview with Colm Larkin

In 2013 Geoff Newman (aka krudd) of EndLife Studios produced a number of podcasts interviewing people in #Irishgamedev. We also posted before Christmas that he was working on a film on gamejams. This week he released an interview with Colm Larkin, founder of Gambrinous and creator of Guild of Dungeoneering – which[...]

Two Irish games selected for Casual Connect Indie prize

Casual Connect is taking place shortly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and we are delighted to announce that two Irish indie games have been selected as finalists for the Indie Prize.   Hay Ewe by Rocket Rainbow Studios   Founded in 2012, Rocket Rainbow is an indie developer based in Galway. Last Autumn they[...]

NinjaGo Endless Runner released for the App Store

In late 2014 we announced that Galway games studio 9th Impact had released NinjaGo Endless Runner on Google Play. It is still on our frontpage banner. In the 2 months following launch, the app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times from Google Play with over half a million games[...]

Six appeal

Pavel Barter talks to John Halloran, co-founder of SixMinute Games, about how the independent mobile game studio rose from the ashes of PopCap to become a leading light in Irish game development. Failure is not always an option, but the team at SixMinute Games consider it a stepping stone to[...]

Fuzzy Flyer Game released

Fuzzy Flyer is a new 2D physics based arcade/puzzle game released by Dublin based indie developer Cian Kearney, with assistance from Cian McNabola (Artist) and G. Owens, Black Bag Music. Some of you might remember seeing an early build of this at a dubLUDO event earlier in the year. In the[...]

ShipAntics Chpt 1 now free to download

To celebrate the release of Chapter 2, creators Studio POWWOW have made  Chapter 1 available for FREE worldwide n the App store now, with Chapter 2 available as a simple in-app purchase. Chapter 1 ‘ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast’ was originally released in the summer of 2014. Studio POWWOW[...]

Squeazy: The Game released

Squeazy: The Game has just been released by a group of Irish teenagers from ManorHamilton in Co. Leitrim. If you have heard the name before that might be because you heard about them after they won the Senior Category of the National Student Enterprise Awards and they were on various national[...]

Need Liquid in your game? Asset for Unity3D released.

  Physical Liquid Software, based out in the Nova UCD Innovation park, is a game and app development company primarily focusing on android and ios devices. They are currently working on “Advergaming” projects but as part of this work they have just released an asset for the Unity3D game engine called[...]

On Now – Fused – a live adventure game

Those of you who were at the recent Prototype Play festival in the Project Theatre in Dublin will have had a chance to playtest this new game/theatre event created by Dan Bergin, who also works for SixMinute, an independent game design studio in Dublin. FUSED is an immersive work of fiction,[...]

EyeSodic Games Wins Best Digital Game

      At the recent Eircom Spider Awards EyeSodic Games won the best digital game against formidable competition. The competition was looking for ‘entries from game developers who have created an online game that is well designed, (original artwork, environmental design to be well considered, character motion to be well[...]

Be an #Irish Game Dev interviewee?

In 2013 Geoff Newman (aka krudd) of EndLife Studios produced a number of podcasts interviewing people in #Irishgamedev including Jamie McCormick from, Diarmuid Murphy from Microsoft, a Dare to be Digital Special with James Sadlier and Alan Boyce from NeverMind Games and Andrea Magnorsky from BatCat Games. He has[...]

New Game – NinjaGo released

9th Impact, a company based in Galway, has released a game on Google Play. NinjaGo Endless Runner is a fast paced ninja adventure as you jump, slash and somersault through various terrains.  It tests your ninja jumping skills as you soar from branch to branch through the trees of Kuroi[...]

T.E.R.R.A. – A Massive FPS Game now on Kickstarter

Coming to PC, Mac OS and Linux in April, Irish developer Starcave Entertainment (Galway) has taken to kickstarter to increase funding for its latest project, a hybrid FPS/ RTS called T.E.R.R.A. This link will take you to the Kickstarter Page. Also greenlit by the Steam Greenlight program, T.E.R.R.A. supports instant[...]

Owen Harris Talks about Deep

The Guardian were at GameCity 2014 last week in Nottingham and they conducted a short interview with Owen Harris (bitSmith Games) about this new project, Deep. Enjoy!    

Rocket Rainbow & Team 17 release Hay Ewe on iOS

Another big day for #IrishGameDev, as ex-Popcap Rocket Rainbow Studios, based in Galway, have gotten their game, Hay Ewe, published via Team 17 indie publishing program (yes, those of Worms fame). You can pick up the game over at and show your support for this great looking game. Press release is[...]

GameJam Trailer by Endlife Studios

In 2013 Geoff Newman (aka krudd) of EndLife Studios produced a number of podcasts interviewing people in #Irishgamedev including Jamie McCormick from, Diarmuid Murphy from Microsoft, a Dare to be Digital Special with James Sadlier and Alan Boyce from NeverMind Games and Andrea Magnorsky from BatCat Games. In fact[...]