I-Hci 2008 Conf – Cork

I-HCI 2008: “Cultures of Interaction”
The Second Conference of the Irish HCI Community

19 and 20th September 2008
University College Cork

*** Deadline for submissions June 13th 2008 ***

HCI researchers, students and practitioners are invited to participate in I-HCI 2008, a two-day conference to be held at University College Cork in September.

The conference will include long and short papers from practitioners and researchers, a postgraduate and apprentice practitioner consortium, and a space for demos and posters.

Broadly HCI is interested in augmenting human activity and enriching experience. The theme for I-HCI 2008, “Cultures of Interaction”, reflects the continued growth of HCI, which now engages with many aspects of human life, in work, leisure, the home, public spaces. It also reflects HCI’s openness to and appropriation of a wide range of influences in this engagement. While retaining its grounding in the sciences of usability and interaction, HCI now also draws its insights, influences, and challenges from creative, critical discourses in the social sciences, arts and humanities. The theme for the conference reflects the creative brew being concocted by Irish researchers, practitioners, and students engaged with HCI today.

Long and Short Papers from Practitioners and Researchers

Deadline for abstracts: 13th June 2008

Papers in any area of HCI are welcome. An attempt to relate to the conference theme is desirable but not essential. Submissions should report original work that has not been previously published. Contributions that advance the theory or practice of any aspect of HCI are welcome. This includes theoretical papers, practice case studies, empirical evaluation, methodological work, etc.

Both Full and Short Papers will be considered for presentation at the conference. For example, if you want to report work in progress or an interesting idea that is not yet fully developed, you may prefer to submit a Short Paper. When published in the proceedings, Full Papers will be 8 pages long and Short Papers will be four pages long. The conference proceedings will contain all papers, Full and Short, and will be published with ISBN.

If you would like to present a paper at the conference, please submit a 1,000 word abstract for review. When making your submission, you should clearly indicate whether you would prefer it to be reviewed as a Full or Short paper.

Abstracts should be prepared (using the template provided on the conference website) and submitted using the form on the website by 13th June 2008.

Postgraduate and Apprentice Practitioner Consortium

Deadline for submissions: 13th June 2008

The future of HCI depends on the enthusiastic engagement of future generations of researchers and practitioners. The Apprentice Practitioner Consortium is designed to nurture and develop the interest of students working in HCI or a related field. It is open to students at any stage of their study. It allows participants to discuss their work with established researchers and other students. Each participant will give a short presentation of their research and will join in discussion of their own and others work.

Applicants should submit a four-page paper, prepared using the template provided on the conference website, describing: the problem(s) that the research is addressing; the main contribution(s) of the research to the HCI field; the proposed solution(s), a brief description of the methodology adopted, the current status of the work, any interim conclusions of the research, and a tentative plan for future work. Accepted applications will be published in the proceedings.

Demos and Posters

Space will be available, on a first-come-first-served basis, for demos and posters at the conference venue. Please inform the Conference Committee of your intention and any special requirements you may have by 31st July 2008. We will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that demos and posters will not be included in the proceedings.

Important Dates

Abstracts due: 13th June 2008
Author notification: 27th June 2008
Camera-ready papers due: 22nd August 2008
Conference starts: 19th September 2008


Jurek Kirakowski, Department of Applied Psychology (jzk@ucc.ie)
John McCarthy, Department of Applied Psychology (john.mccarthy@ucc.ie)
Ian Pitt, Department of Computer Science (i.pitt@cs.ucc.ie)

University College Cork,

Women In Games 08 – Cfp

Women in Games Conference
University of Warwick, UK
10-12th September 2008

Keynotes announced and Speaker Submission Deadline Extended

The Women In Games conference encourages research and seeks to promote careers for women within the games industry. If games are to become a true sibling medium to music and cinema, the industry needs greater balance in its audience and its workforce. The Women In Games conference welcomes participants from both industry and academia, providing a forum for presentation and discussion of issues relating to all aspects of women’s involvement in games, including game development, game playing and women as portrayed within games.

Although this conference is concerned with women and games please note that men are also very welcome to participate! The industry needs a meaningful dialogue between the sexes as it moves forward.

This year’s conference is co-organised by games company Rare Ltd (www.rare.co.uk) and the Computer Science Department at the University of Warwick (www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk)

Further details of the conference and this year’s themes are available at the conference website: www.womeningames.com

The Speaker Submission deadline has moved to Monday 23rd June 2008.

Thinking of submitting a talk, or offering to participate in a panel, but thought you were too late? Think again! We have extended the deadline to Monday 23rd June to allow you some more time.

We are keen to have more offers on the themes, “Dressing up Programming” and “Technology in Schools” in particular, but submissions on any of the themes still welcome.

For more details on how to submit, please check out www.womeningames.com

Keynotes Announced

I am pleased to announce our Keynote speakers for this year’s Women In Games conference:-

Karen Brennan (Scratch, MIT)

Sara de Freitus (Serious Games)

Eileen Brown (Microsoft)

Karen Clark (Bioware)

Paulina Bozek (Sony)

I invite you to check out www.womeningames.com for more details on these excellent speakers.

Conference Dinner at Warwick Castle

We have a fabulous conference dinner, a medieval feast arranged at Warwick Castle, sponsored by Blitz Games Studios (www.blitzgames.com). It is included in the conference price, and is sure to be an excellent night!

Sign up Now

Registration for the conference is open, sign up now to ensure your place. Conference-standard accommodation is available on campus – no need to drive during the conference, parking is free, and evening meals and entertainment all included!

For further details see www.womeningames.com or contact nicola@womeningames.com

Why not join us on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10962393678) and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/88533/664DC534A4E4)