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Storytelling for Games, Theory & Practice (Part 2 of 2 Workshop)

December 16, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

A 2-part entry-level workshop on the material conditions of writing in games – developed through lecture, case study, & practical exercise.

About this event

Tickets are €5 for both part 1 and 2 workshops, but free for Imirt members. Login to your account at and check the Membership Content section for info on your discount code.

There is limited space for this event. Maximum attendee limit is capped at 40.

Storytelling for Games, Theory & Practice

Two workshops, including preparation and homework.

Storytelling for Games, Theory & Practice is a 2-part entry-level workshop on the material conditions of storytelling & writing in games. Developed through lecture, case study, and practical exercises, Hannah Nicklin will guide you through what it means to tell stories with games, and the affordances of games writing.

Structure of the Workshops.

• 1h Prep before the day: Material will be sent out to attendees before the event.

• Thurs 2nd Dec: Theory

1h lecture on storytelling in games: what it is, and what it’s made up of, including insight into the industry & how it’s structured.


1h case studies: 20 mins lecture each on ‘format in storytelling’ in Last Stop, ‘character-driven dialogue’ in Life is Strange 2, and ‘restricting agency’ in 80 Days.

• 2h Homework

Attendees should put aside 1h for their homework which Hannah will set at the end of the session. When homework is ‘done’ it should be filed in a common google drive which we will provide a link to. Attendees should put aside an hour or so right before the next session to read others’ work.

• Thurs 16th Dec: Practice

1.5h – feedback session where Hannah invites people to share how they felt the exercise went, talk through it, offer crit.


30 mins – 10 mins of advice on practice, career, feedback, development. Followed by a Q&A


Hannah Nicklin is an award-winning narrative & game designer, writer, and academic (among other things) who has been practicing for nearly 15 years. She works hard to create playful experiences that see people, and make people feel seen, and also argues for making games a more radical space through mentoring, advocacy, and redefining process/premises. Trained as a playwright, Hannah moved into interactive practices early on in her career and is now the CEO and Studio Lead at Danish indie studio Die Gute Fabrik and most recently launched Mutazione in 2019. She has a PhD in games influenced theatre/theatre influenced games. @hannahnicklin





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