Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

The Fourth Annual I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Call for Serious Games Entries;

November 30 – December 3, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA

Serious Game developers are invited to submit their original PC-based serious game to the Fourth Annual I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge. The goal of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is to promote innovative game-based solutions to training problems.

Finalists in the Serious Game Showcase & Challenge will be selected by a panel of serious games leaders in the military, industry, and academic fields, and will be invited to showcase their serious game at I/ITSEC 2009, where over 17,000 attendees will view and vote on each of the finalists.

The Challenge is open to a wide range of contestants; categories include student, government, and business. Prizes will be awarded to top contestants in those categories. Entered games can include modifications to existing games and virtual worlds as well as original development.

All entries will be judged in four primary areas: Use of Gaming Characteristics, Solution to a Stated Problem; Technical Quality; and Playability/Usability. For the purpose of the Challenge, entries will be considered a serious game if they have gaming attributes, involve an assigned challenge, and employ some form of positive and/or negative reward system.

The FTP Site is now On-Line and ready to accept Serious Games Submissions. Please visit for all required Submission Paperwork.

Once the paperwork is submitted, a private FTP login will be emailed for your Serious Games entry. The FTP server will be available from August 15 through September 30th, 2009.

Check for important details.

Handheld Learning 09

Did you know that 2009 is the European year of creativity and innovation?

Me neither.

But you might be interested in this forthcoming conference in the Barbican in London from the 5-7th of Oct. The focus of the conference is on learning using mobile and inexpensive access technologies with some games stuff too.


Social Science And Innovation

The Science Gallery at TCD will be hosting a seminar series on
Social Science and Innovation and asking could these seemingly strange bedfellows be the answer to connecting the need of the user to the innovation and creativity of the technology industry?

Many of the world’s leading technology companies and science institutions have already discovered the way forward for innovation has as much to do with the intangibles of the human experience as it does with algorithms, chips and design.

Using both sociologists and anthropologists, corporations are increasingly turning to designers who combine the insights of social scientists with scientific knowledge to transform creativity and research into innovation. Will emo-engineers and anthro-technologists be the buzzwords of the twenty-first century? We invite you to join the debate and listen as this line-up of world leading thinkers and practitioners discuss their international experiences and practices of innovation, design and social science.

Throughout the year, the INNOVATION INTERFACE SERIES aims to gather academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs and business people to kick start the debate between social science and innovation and to forge alliances leading to action.

2009 LINE UP


Navi Radjou – Tickets available now

Navi Radjou is the Executive Director of the Centre for India & Global

Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


Maria Bezaitis

Maria Bezaitis is Director of People & Practices Research Intel Corporation

for more see