Summer Games Jam

The Science Gallery, at Pearse Street and Trinity College Dublin, is the venue for a one day Games Jam on Saturday June the 19th from 9.30am. There is room for 40 people. More details below.


During the games jam you are invited to make a game of your own in less than 7 hours. This event is open to professional, independent, hobbyist and college game developers with talent who want to express themselves through the medium of games development. We hope that people will take this opportunity to collaborate and mingle with fellow developers in this burgeoning independent scene.

After the early introductions, the “theme” for the day will be announced and participants can start designing, coding or drawing their game ideas. We encourage experimentation, daring and collaboration. You are free to work solo or in a group, you can make use of whatever tools you wish and you should bring your own laptop.

Early tea/coffee will be supplied and the cafeteria is open all day. At the end of the day you can take a well earned break and enjoy a drink of wine while checking out the other amazing gems created on the day.

Tickets 10 euros. Seat, Table, Wireless internet and power supplied. You bring the skills, laptop and ideas. For further info please contact and you can get tickets from

This event is hosted by the Science Gallery and is kindly sponsored by PopCap Games, and the School Of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. This event is in association with the Interactive Entertainment Technology MSc at Trinity of which both event organisers Jonathan Ruttle and John O’Kane are graduates.

Another Award For Dylan C

At the Irish Internet Association annual awards last week Dylan Collins (Jolt Online and formerly Demonware) was awarded the IIA and Enterprise Ireland overall Net Visionary award for 2010.

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Dare To Be Digital Finalists

This was discussed just recently on the forums and in the last few days we received a press release stating that Dare to be Digital, has announced its 2010 finalists.

This year there were entries from more than 80 universities worldwide and the final shortlist of 15 has been selected by a panel of industry experts and includes a team from Ballyfermot and Carlow IT.

The finalists represent 15 different universities from six countries including the UK, Irish Republic, USA, India, China and Sweden.

The games to be developed for the final stage of the competition cover a wide variety of genres and platforms, including social games, 2.5D adventure, sports party and real-time strategy models designed for PC, Android Phone, Windows 7 Phone and Sony PSP Go platforms.

Teams will be heading over to Abertay in the next week or so to start building out their game. Best of luck to them.

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