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    Lots of really handy FREE concept/matte painting tutorials and guides by Feng Zhu. Lots of good tips for anyone aspiring to be a concept artist (especially for background/ environment stuff). Amazing artist too. It’s hypnotic to watch the works unfold.


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    Yeah he’s a bit of a legend, if I was a concept artist I’d be all over this. Nice one :)

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    I’ve just been trying out some of his techniques for doing 1 hour up to 8 hour concept sketches. Sort of oil painting techniques. Starting broad and then refining details using standard brushes and no layers in Photoshop.
    Here’s my first effort. 8 hours. (not sure how to post images here??)

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    The man is a machine, man. Ive watched a lot of his stuff and it really helps. Gotta put in the hours too though! Nice work, I like the statue touch, hinting at a forgotten time.

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