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    well it looks like we like doing it and we rate highly compared to other countries – according to a recent report just published

    the press release states ‘Minister Martin said “In terms of those who have actually set up new businesses, Ireland is now very close to the level of the most entrepreneurial of the OECD countries, most particularly the US, which is well recognised as a hot-spot for innovation and new ideas. The number starting and planning new businesses increased to 9.8% equivalent to almost a quarter of a million individuals in 2005 and I am particularly pleased to see that Ireland is now ranked no. 1 in the world in terms of cultural perception of entrepreneurship. Almost 70% of people consider entrepreneurship to be a good career choice and 80% of people believe successful entrepreneurs are held in high regard. This positive disposition towards entrepreneurship, together with a highly responsive environment to the needs of enterprise at a national and local level, are driving the growth in the number of people interested in starting their own business”.

    see full report etc. at http://www.forfas.ie/publications/show/pub228.html

    now do we all agree we have a ‘higly responsive environment to the needs of enterprise’ ?


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    Definitely surprised me as its northern neighbour is currently the worse region for entrepreneurship in the UK – especially among women.

    I’ll have a good look through the report later.

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