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    can anyone point me towards an official study of the games industry for last year or the year before.

    i have a value of gross revenue 7 billion dollar industry for usa in 2003 but i was hoping for something more world wide if possible and while im at it something from 2004.

    also i have reference that it was bigger than the movie industry in 1999 is this still the case? if so any reference to back that up.

    With these the thesis will nearly be a wrap!



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    will have a look for studies & reports etc. for you tomorrow, Peter… but:
    – last year worldwide games sales was $26 billion (hardware & software)
    – the ‘bigger than the movie industry’ thing is often mis-represneted… Was bigger (and still is) than domestic US box office – that doesn;t include foreign cinema ticket sales, DVD & video sales, TV rights, ancillary merchandising, etc.

    If I forget about the reports (which is likely!) PM me

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    thanks tony,

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