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This topic contains 6 replies, has 6 voices, and was last updated by  akeogan 10 years, 8 months ago.

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    John Kelly

    Hey Akeogan,
    I like the sound of "Cybersociology". It doesnt misrepresent the course content from what I can see and it has an "Edgy" sound to it. You do have to compete with other courses and the amount of kids leaving 2nd level with heads full of crazy ides, like wanting to do forensics because they think it will be like CSI, means you will have to make your course sound exciting.

    Also computing and social information or computing and information society sound good to me.

    Social Informatics sounds terrible in my opinion.

    This is just a students opinion though. Hope it helps

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    hi ailbhe,

    as I mentioned I don’t think we have too many secondary students on these boards so we are a little older than your target audience.

    From my perspective as a sociologist, cybersociology would mean the study of social action and behaviour in cyberspace. The course you are talking about seems to be a little broader than that in that it is both offline and online behaviour.

    I think Computing and Society or Computing and the Network Society (info society is almost old hat at this stage!) would be accurate.

    If you have innovation in the title there would want to be some business and creativity modules.

    hope that helps..


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    Barry Gallagher

    how about .. Computing technology sociology ?

    bit of a mouthful but literal.

    Or maybe E Sociology … though that could have drug connotations applied..

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    Thanks to everyone who replied to this request for advice. hugely appreciated this end. If you can direct any more minds to ponder it that end , it would be great. Thanks again,

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