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    John Kelly

    Apparently a woman from Northern Ireland complained that the came referred to her in a manner that was derogatory to the disabled after she did poorly in a section of the game.


    Does anyone know specifically what the games offensive content was?

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    Max Marshall

    the game called her a "spastic" after she failed a segment.[/quote:bd46135656]
    LINK to 1up.com

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    me and the mrs tried the game last nite, if you do really badly (we got 41%) it called you a "super spastic"

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    How did that game get passed QA??
    How did the text get publisher approval??

    Just how?

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    quality control was in America, where the term wouldn’t be referred to as "offensive"

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    Thats not a valid reason.
    There is always a US language version and a UK language version, both should have been vetted by appropriate parties. Sounds like QA should be getting a kicking.

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    Dont always blame QA, its not there fault if it got waived by a producer.

    Whenever there are any huge bugs in games its always "How did this get past QA?"

    In all likely hood it didn’t…

    (I’m not saying that this is that case here though)

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    Well, I would primarily point the finger at the publisher…its their responsibility the game content is appropriate for the region. Although, I’m gonna guess they’ll point the finger at QA…anything to get the blame away from them ;)

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    How do they mean it’s being pulled? Are they taking if off the shelves or are they just not supplying any new units? Both Game and Gamestop are stocking it in Belfast.

    It’s an offensive term, but it says something about the insane nature of games. A word deemed to be sensitive has a game pulled, yet games glorifying murder hit the shelves every day. Think about that. A word used by children everywhere has a game no longer being sold. But that doesn’t stop you from buying a game where you’re rewarded for killing prostitutes and cutting old women into pieces.

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    Barry Gallagher

    Its the same with TV .. you cant use certain words though you can cover a variety of weird and unusual topics.

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    Didn’t you know, "isms" are worse that actual crimes

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