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    Ouya dont have a plan, from what i can see. This console will
    run on Android so yea lots of games and services will run on it
    straight away.

    Some companies like Online said they will specifically make sure their services runs well on the Onya, but the Onya is just a nvidia tegra 3 chipset, so it would be easy anyway. Onya said they will add support for the Online live custom joy-pad working with the console. but again Android built 4.0.4 and up i think supports usb/bluetooth joy pads anyway.

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    Onlive announced (before today’s events) that they would be releasing on the Ouya, but Ouya isn’t dependent on them.

    BTW OnLive services seem unaffected for the time being so the service may not be going anywhere, just completely restructuring on the business end

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