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    Paul Conway

    Good point Niall, I think that the next few years will be the most important for us wannabie games developers :D From what I can see, and I may be wrong, the last year or two has shown more interest in the idea of an Irish games industry then ever before. I dont think any foreign publishing agencies are willing to come over here to invest in any games company because i aint sure if they are convinced with 1. Our ability, and 2. The risk to invest in something that has happened before, therefore it being a bit risky in their view.

    I think that if we start to show enough interest, then there is no reason why publishers wouldnt want to risk all the money they have to fork out! :p

    Ryanair as a publisher? Rock on!

    Paul :p

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    — 1. Our ability

    Why? Ireland has a very good reputation with IT. Just cos no-one has gone and actually done games in Ireland. I’m sure you’ll find Irish people working for some of the big companies.

    What is needed in my opinion is for some people to come together and do something thats good, but done cheaply.
    To get the money that you require to get this far, unless you can find someone who is willing to invest some of there money, the best bet would be the banks.

    Ryanair as a publisher is not realistic. They know nothing about the games industry so why would a developer want to deal with them. You wouldn’t be taken seriously. As venture capitalists, maybe.


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